Use the form below to send us an email of the items you would like with color and size choice(s).  Pay through VENMO and we will send you your order or just come in, pay and pick up your merchandise.   Please add 10% sales tax.  There is a limited supply so let us know as soon as you can and Thank You...


        Bonnie Lindholm School of the Dance




BL Beanie     $13.00

Baseball Cap     $13.00

BL Jean Jacket     $50.00

BLDC Strong T-Shirt $20.00

BL Sweat Pants     $25.00

BL Shorts     $20.00

BL Grey Tank Tops     $15.00

BL Flip Flops     $10.00

BL Scoop Neck T-Shirts


BL Mom Shirts     $25.00

BL Vneck T     $20.00

Sweatshirt off the rack  


BL Black & White Shorts $20.00

All Jewelry     $6.00

Ballet Rings     $2.00

Keychains       $6.00

Large Doll or Bear  $16.00

BL Jerseys      $20.00

BL Grey Crop T-Shirt    $20.00

Tie-Die Grey T-Shirt     $20.00

Small Animal      $6.00

BL Elephant     $35.00

BL Donkey       $30.00

BL Pink Dance Bag


BL White Tank Tops     $15.00

BL Purple/Coral Sweatshirt


BL Long Sleeve hood T


LD Long Sleeve Jersey


We have tights, ballet and tap shoes, please call for more infomation.

BL Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt